Then eventually it stops and all seems fine I have to try to get a video next time. Well it's this spring and I still have air bubbles coming out of the jets (the main drain is worse than the skimmer) so the pool place put it skimmer only and said they think I have a leak in the main drain just run it on skimmer. I replaced the O-ring on the filter lid. Could a bad gasket cause that to happen or could it be a crack in the pipes underground? What are the most common reasons for pool air bubbles? One way to remember it: ... Why am I getting bubbles coming out of my pool jets? This would be the area between the skimmer and the pump. msfan73 posted this 16 September 2016. Most commonly it’s the o-ring on the filter basket on the pump. Return jet not working Why This Happens. I have solar water heater panels on the roof and can hear the bubbles all throughout them. If you see air start to bubble up from your hot tub's jets, just leave the system running until the air lock is pushed out. Air bubbles in your pool mean that air is being sucked into the line on the suction side of the pump. air bubble in spa's heater. I then introduced compressed air into the line at the filter end. Analyze the water level of your pool. Now I notice that there are bubbles coming into the pool at the jet and the motor is louder than usual. In this video I show you the main reasons for air bubbles in pool pump. You might also see bubbles coming out of the return jets. If air is accumulating in the filter and possibly draining the pump out when you switch it off your pump will be sucking air but you may not have enough back pressure to bleed the air. A Simple Guide to Troubleshooting Any Solar Pool System. If there is water coming out of your jets when the pump is running then there's water in your heater. You can have someone pressure test the lines to be sure. Suction side leak. In this blog we will walk through the common culprits of pool air leaks and provide you tips on diagnosing your own system. Air Bubbles usually mean a leak in the Suction side....not the return. This is a common problem, especially upon opening your pool first thing in the season… What to do About Air Bubbles in Your Pool – If you’ve been noticing air bubbles coming out of the return jets in your swimming pool, don’t worry – this is a common problem, especially upon opening your pool first thing in the season. Air Bubbles in Pool? Pool Filter is the Biggest Culprit. Check by turning off and on all venturis to determine which goes where. Check the … The return jets should be returning water to the pool. Not losing any water either. It moves from 5 psi (normal on the LO setting) to 14 psi (normal for the HI setting). This worked fine on one inlet but the other one had air bubbling out from around the face plate of the inlet port after I had closed the valve. If left alone, you’ll soon see the return side of … If you have air in your pool system it could burn out the motor. If you notice bubbles and a low-pressure reading, call a pool technician and tell them you may have a leak for them to fix. I doubt you have an air bubble in the heater. When the filtration fails, or is not performing at expected standards, one of the issues you will have to deal with is cloudiness. If you are seeing a significant number of bubbles coming out of your return lines into the pool, you probably have an air leak in your filtration system. I have air bubbles coming into the pool from the return jet. It is the symptom of a problem – one that could be a minor or major fix. Clean and lube with magic lube. My pool company pressure tested all the lines and determined I have no leak. Also PSI is normally at about 18, is this normal? Right where the PVC goes into the pump. Ozone is a gas and it will come out of the returns or in-floor cleaning nozzles, but the amount is determined by doing the proper adjustment on the ozone unit metering valve. If your pump routinely sucks in air it will melt this joint due to the heat and can suck air right in with the water which creates air bubbles. You've completed pool cleaning, and you are ready to dive headlong into it. bends too close to the suction) causing low pressure at the impeller, to the point the vapour pressure of water is reached. EXCEPT my 7th jet that is right underneath my skimmer does not work. I had some air bubbles coming out of my jets last season, fixed that problem and now I have more. Depending on your ozone system, bubbles coming out through the normal jet or port (usually in the footwell area), may not always indicate ozone. We turned off the pumped and took out the rest of the plugs but we now have bubbles coming out of all the jets besides the one that pushed the plug out. There are three places you can check to see if air is getting into your system. When air bubbles are coming out of the returns it is an indication of a leak on the suction side of the plumbing. The pump is sucking in air. The optimal water level is halfway up the skimmer face plate. Luckily, getting down to the root of the problem is pretty easy. This would be the area between the skimmer and the pump. When you see a surge of air bubbles coming from the return jets of your pool in the morning hours, it usually means that the system is operating correctly. It looks like … Suction generated by the pool pump draws water out … This thread is archived. When you turn on the motor, do you hear a rumbling noise? Air bubbles do not form at the return jets due to high pressure, rather are the result of a restricted pump suction (i.e. I have air bubbles constantly coming out of the jets into the pool. A few air bubbles here and there are normal in any pool, but if you see a lot of air bubbles coming from the return jets and hear angry churning noises near the pump, it can only mean one thing: There’s air in the pool line. Could it be sucking in air from somewhere? 1. Either you have a leak on the suction side or maybe your filter just needs a good backwashing. Doing this right can get over 95% of the water out of the return lines.. This is a common question that many swimming pool owners ask and the answer can be a quick fix or a major problem. (Suction side leaks show up as air bubbles, return side leaks dribble water.) you can get a pressure test of that line to be 100%, usually it will be a crack in the elbow in the bottom of the skimmer. The most usual cause of this, is the rubber O ring on the pump basket lid. The return will shoot out bubbles off and on intermitantly as the pump runs. I have a Coleman salu spa and I have a leak in the connection from the big air blower coming out of the filter to the pool connection this is the hose that makes the air bubbles . Looking for some help troubleshooting or any other ideas for why there are bubbles coming from my jets. Start at the skimmer(s) make sure they are only sucking in water. How to Remove the Air Lock If the previous method doesn't work, then you have the option of calling a repair technician or taking a more … On older spas, when there was a blockage at the jet (for instance an … The pool system is charged with keeping your pool water clean. It's air in the line somewhere which results in … The air bubbles can appear in your pump strainer, or they can come out of your return jets. If those seals go out in even one of your jets, it eliminates the ability of that set of jets to draw air down as there's not enough vacuum created and finding which jet is causing the problem can be a real pain as the spa normally has to be empty and all the jet inserts … Do you see air bubbles shooting out of the return jets in your pool? My pool is two years old, in the second summer I noticed bubbles periodically coming out of one of my return jets. After I get the bug and all of the hose in the water, I hold the free end of the hose in front of the return jet which forces the bug to the surface and all of the air bubbles from the hose come out then I wait until the bug falls back to the surface. It is 9 out of 10 chances that your pool is cloudy because of the filter. A couple of things to look for are air bubbles. This goes on all day every day. My 24′ above ground pool is about 20 years old but usually runs pretty good. After filling up the pool, the old pool pump (discontinued model) wouldn't prime. Sometime the water level is too low, or the weir is stuck, reducing water flow thus letting in air. No one seems to know . I have an IG 18x36 pool, hayward filter with hayward superpump. It’s likely happening because of one of these issues: The pool water level is too low. The pump should normally run "air free", that is without air running through the system. We have the same problem in a 250M gallon commercial pool. Ozone is a gas and it will come out of the returns or in-floor cleaning nozzles, but the amount is determined by doing the proper adjustment on the ozone unit metering valve. Pool filter pumps are designed to suck in pool water on the suction side and push out filtered pool water on the return side. Put a plug in the fitting under the water when you see the bubbles blowing at full force. When we turned on the pump the pressure pushed out one of the plugs and a lot water was coming out of the one jet. I have YouTube'd and google searched for this and nothing seems to help. Carbination-like tiny bubbles. Possible sources of this problem are low pool water levels, leaks around the strainer lid, leaks in the unions or leaks in the pump seals. I've reached into the pipe in the skimmer and pulled out some leaves that were blocking it and i pulled out some crap in the pump as well but i still can't seem to get a strong suction and have air coming out of the jets in the pool. Air emanating from swimming pool water return jets indicates suction side leaks in a pool's filter pump system. 1) The jandy 3 way valve has a broken grease cup thread stuck in the hole and I currently have a piece of duct tape over the hole cause I know it is sucking/leaking water. The pipes connecting your pool skimmer to the circulation pump and filter and terminating at the jets form a closed system. When the pressure at the jets is lower than it should be, one reason could be that the system is leaking and allowing air and water to escape. I am sure this is due to air building up in the filter and then being expelled. The air in the system; air bubbles coming out of the return lines in the pool is a sign that there is a leak in the filtration system. So there must not be an air tight fitting there. This is water pushing air out of the solar collectors. A break in the underground pipes will also leak when the filter is switched off. Most filters will self-bleed the air out through the return jets by blowing bubbles. If air is accumulating in the filter and possibly draining the pump out when you switch it off your pump will be sucking air but you may not have enough back pressure to bleed the air. At one point or another, every pool owner will notice air bubbles coming out of their pool’s return jets. Commonly, the air is coming from the suction side of your swimming pool— this means anything before the water enters the filter.