Cognitive Procurement — The Final Frontier In this post, we’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg on the subject of cognitive technologies and procurement. It is the furthest extent of humanity. What does final-frontier mean? The theme was originally performed by Andrew Gold, but a version performed by Anita Baker made its debut midway through the 1997 season and was used for the rest of the show's run. In total 13 questions, 2 questions are Multiple Choice form, 6 questions are Matching Headings form, 5 questions are Plan, map, diagram labelling form. Space: The Final Archaeological Frontier reading practice test has 13 questions belongs to the News subject. It is characterized by the westward movement of European settlers from their original settlements on the Atlantic coast in the early 17th century to the Far West in the late 19th century. General CommentI doubt, from the almost casual references to space that are scattered throughout the lyrics, that this is referring to space as being "The Final Frontier. Definition of final frontier in the dictionary. In Star Trek V: The Final Frontier he also has the hubris to believe that he can use an overlong Star Trek feature film to explore genuine issues of divinity. There is nothing beyond it. Synonym of outer space. "Final Frontier" is its theme song, which was composed by Reiser and Don Was. Frontier definition, the part of a country that borders another country; boundary; border. "I think that, as this guy is talking about how he's lived a good life and has done so much, and how he's not afraid of death anymore, that he is implying that death is the Final Frontier. (noun) The Last Frontier is a person who is over the top, such that once you have seen him, you have seen it all. American frontier, in United States history, the advancing border that marked those lands that had been settled by Europeans. See more. How to use frontier in a sentence. William Shatner directs like he acts: full of unexplained pauses and a general contempt for the meaning of a text. What does final frontier mean? Frontier definition is - a border between two countries. Information and translations of final frontier in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. ‘the artist stands on the final frontier of the hip-hop universe’ Origin Mid 19th century popularized by its use in the opening of the US television series Star Trek. Meaning of final frontier.