The eggs rarely fall through since the beetles stick the eggs to surfaces, they aren’t loose. I am happy to report that I have been successful in breeding Supers; thanks to this site and one other. They are now being moved to their own coco fiber enclosure. When they are white, they are at their most nutritious stage for your dragon. At least the superworms are big enough to “rescue”. I decided to start raising insects as a money-making deal back in September, 2012. I can easily keep 1000 superworms (the amount I purchase at one time)or 5000 mealworms. what about after they turn into beetles can they fly out and can they bite if so is it hard enough to say owe or draw blood i got a rear blood type and they might like it. How do you keep yourself from having an overabundance of superwomen without loosing your breeding colony? How long can you keep the larvae together before they die? Thank you so much for all the info! Despite living in 2020, there are still taxonomist who house specimens at their own institution as well as in their own private collection. In 7 - 14 days, there will be eggs within the egg crates and substrate, although you Is it normal or are they cold and need each others body heat, like my brother thinks may be whats happening with them? You just saved me a lifetime of work thank you. How will I put on a temperature like that? What size should the super worms be to separate? Make sure that the container is not very moist or humid because that brings in pest bugs and mold. I’ll send a message to the author and see if he has any ideas. I would imagine they are in a container that allows them enough room so they feel separate. I’ve tried apples and pears but ants found their way to the fruit. But of course you will need to get like 10,000 to like feed your dragon and have them pupate and sell them. All other worms in the stock tin are Gecko grub! The iy way that they will only start smelling if the are dead for a couple of days and you don’t throw them away. In Massachusetts, and I live in a very very old drafty barn… I’ll still give it a shot:). is it when you seperate all the worms in a different containers? If possible it’s always best to use the largest worms. James, If they’re kept together, they don’t pupate – it’s actually pretty handy for controlling your beetle population. my mom hates me for having these in my room, i think bugs r cool tho. Our calculations of the required ventilation rate as a function of exposure time are shown in Figure 1 below for different scenarios and compared to typical minimum ventilation rate for sedentary person. In dry conditions, their bodies are a beautiful off-white color. due to their larger size, superworms are great alternatives to Once the beetles have gone from brown to black, feed them and provide moist food, then wait for them to mate I think I know why. Anyways so far, so good everything is looking good for others that been doing really in morphing, thanks to my brother Matthew. Sometimes a larger container with only a few beetles will lead to death. Need advice tnx in advance! Will they breed in well heated room only? If this was the first container you started there are usually small numbers. Adult beetles can live up to 5 months with a female laying nearly 500 eggs in her lifetime. I usually pick the one that fits my budget~. Since I had so many, I figured it would be a fun science experiment for my kids to see if I could breed them. i really appreciate if you help me to provide any references about the effect of diet to ratio sex of insect? After several days the worms will become dormant and begin curling to a letter “c” or “e”. It could also be moisture. The males of Dynastes hercules can reach up to 180 mm and are therefore amongst the largest beetles. They would have more moisture and they would probably be better then carrots. Dont forget to rest the lid flat on a peice of timber backing as you drill to prevent cracking. They just fall through the sifter holes. Annoying, especially if then then get in your pantry! Not long after that, one of my kids started screaming “what’s that really big beetle!” ‘Nuff said. So I have to breed them for my pet Blacky, my pet crow. is the superworm beetle can fly? and how would there eggs get from a cup full of dirt and a bunch of worms, to a bearded dragon tank were there in there for like 2 seconds and then there eaten? Having more beetles will also increase their activity as will a darker area. Try not to use coarse bedding such as oats unless you blend it to a powder. Breeding leopard geckos is relatively easy and rewarding. Thanks!! hello,after my clan of dragons has ate me out of house and home I decided to try breading my own super worms. Male beetles are more pointed at their bottom. They potentially can. The super worms are Zophobas morio and the mealworms are Tenebrio molitor. I have never heard of leaves being used for either mealworms or superworms. The males have wings that they can use to flutter, not fly. I would assume you could, though I imagine a variety of grains would be more nutritious. But now I am trying again and they sit in the little containers for weeks and mostly die eventually. Catrina – I would be happy to watch your video! When temperatures go into the 60s they really slow down and anything below that can be fatal. These are probably grain mites. How long to the males live? I swear it took me a full year to get from beetles to full size superworms. You most likely won’t see them though as they are very tiny. This picture of two mating insects comes with an unexpected twist. These nutrients contribute to the production of carbohydrates (compounds containing carbon, hydrogen and oxygen) - constituting up to 95% of the constituents of the dry matter of a plant - which are, vital for high levels of a crop production. I keep fresh carrot or potato in there at all times and I have also added water crystals. There is also a dish of gutload in there for the worms and bugs to eat Except for the fact that they are chewing up the cage styrofoam background, they are doing well in there and if I sift the soil, I always get super worms to use. was curious as well as to how long it takes a “new” black beetle to mature and start laying eggs. Potatoes and carrots dry out to fast. Can you use cornmeal as a bedding supplement? Could you maybe post a pic or 2 so we could have a look and try to guess what happened.Also at what temperature do you have the pupae on ? Every once and a while a worm gets out but that’s okay. The one on the bottom is a male, and he has the equivalent of a vagina. The beetles begin mating right away and females will start laying within a week and there after until their death. Reconsider flushing the beetles. I think what made it work so well was the humidity and the substrate which gave them the opportunity to burrow (and to pupate, since they could be somewhat isolated). Now with my meal worms do I have to separate them to when they turned in to beetles. how high? This is cool. Found a couple of the black beetles also…. This had nothing to do with what I looked up. Why I ask if my beetles will breed in a well heated room only is because I moved them back into my bedroom, only once morphing into beetles. I’m also wondering, since the beetle will live about 2-3 months, do you separate them from the eggs every few weeks? What I do in this situation is place a fine mesh screen over the top of them for a day until they settle down. Hopefully you can refine your search and find what you want. Otherwise they may wander through the container digging up eggs and eating them. I have some web-like material in with the baby superworms (which have been separated from the beetles). Most people use potato, carrot, apple, pears etc. It’s not too difficult, but keep it mind it takes months at a time to bring a colony to maturity. I use trays that are (14” x 10” x 3.5”). just would like to ask, how long will it take for the eggs to hatch? It has been weeks and NADA! They will need to be separated individually so they can pupate. Thank you! i’m trying to show my parents it easy and should do it. I may have started out with 45 superworms beetles but I’m getting a lot more of the babies then I expected it to be. I use the heat mats for seeds/plants, super worms, and for baby chicks after they hatch from eggs. When the beetles first emerge they are a little sluggish. The beetles can bite very similar to the superworm larva. That’s what I use for my worms as it makes it so much easier to sift them out when gathering for pupation or feeding time. the babies will gather in the pieces, chewing throw him and hide inside. They don’t smell,climb,fly or bite. I ended up tossing them all to my chickens and starting over. That frees up another cell for solitary confinement. enzymes. I have the healthiest mealworms I have ever seen. Their frisky little guys and seem like they could go on forever. For even larger larvae and the adults I give large chunks of potato or whole carrots–again, there’ll be extensive burrowing, so when it comes time to toss out the food, make sure you evict any hidden occupants, but you don’t have to put in a replacement for a week or more. Choose the biggest , fattest worms you can find, approx 4-5cm long inches , it will be about 2 inches long. Will they still turn into pupa?? I was about to use it for fishing and for business too, I'm 17 and I'm a former hamster taker and mycologist as of now. [1] It is a member of the leaf beetle family, Chrysomelidae, and not a true weevil. I wouldn’t get rid of them because they are old. It’s vary interesting thing to get into. The black tin is going to be swapped out every few months with fresh substrate, and the beetles moved to that. I’d imagine at least a few months. Is there a required specific size of the worm before I can separate it to isolation for breeding? Male and female stag beetles. I haven’t actually started putting the worms under my bed. what are they and how do i get rid of them? Today, I saw my first baby in the substrate I removed my beetles from about a week ago. Judy, u won’t be able to miss it. I never see a beetle on any of the food, the beetles are all hiding underneath the egg carton. Have you ever thought about creating an ebook or guest authoring on other blogs? I didn’t need to separate them. Super worms don’t do well if they get cold, so that may have been the problem. haha – Thanks so much Rebecca. If you put them in with the other larva the superworms will eat the eggs. They regularly pupate in this environment. Very cold and they will take longer to pupate , in my experience.. (If Cody has more to say about this, I assume he’ll comment as well)Basically, you either have to contain your food so the moths that you put up with can’t get it or you have to find a way to eliminate the moths: Contain the food: Keep everything in the fridge or in canisters. If you put them in containers do you still need to poke holes? I showed Matthew my brother and he said he caught couple of them getting it on. I have changed beetles several times now so they won’t eat any possible eggs. I’ve kept worms for up to several months and the ones not yet fed off were still alive. I have commented to that effect on his youtube site and also sent a message to the author of the article letting him know what happened. Hi is there somebody who can tell me how many super worm beetles I can keep in a 20l container (one of these filing drawers). I told you also that I’ll get back to you when I have succeeded and I did. Check out the Gecko Time article here: Then it’s another 21 days. Thank you so much for having this lovely site on here for people like my self, who wants to know about both meal worms and super worms. The 500 eggs laid would be in the female’s lifetime but results vary depending on the female. Thank you so much for this information, it has been invaluable for us. I use containers that are 20x35cm. Hi and thanks Cody! how much movement should recently hatched beetles do,or do they lay around for awhile? How long does it take before I start seeing babies from the eggs? The beetles are the adult form of the superworm. You can remove those web-like materials, just make sure that there is no eggs and baby supers on those webs. If the cost Then you don’t have to worry about where the eggs are or aren’t falling. Plastic, slick slides are stage if isolated, but they will remain in the larval stage longer mealworms for feeding reptiles, as they offer more nutrition than Female darkling beetles can lay 100 or more eggs at once! I’m curious to know your opinion on using apples as a moisture source. Here is what Kevin had to say. The same goes for the beetles, when in their alien morph stage. They were fed well enough and had the proper bedding. That’s cool that those superworms beetles can lay that many eggs, I had the superworms since week before February 28Th and then I separated them for few weeks until they morphed. At the beginning of the mating process, the male chase the female until she gives up. As well for your budget I am also running on a tight budget. Take care! In mass rearing of mealworm, Tenebrio molitor, I have a problem. Freezing grains for at least 48 hours has helped in keeping any unwanted critters at bay. In that case the substrate was eco earth and I kept a shallow container of grain in the enclosure, which I removed during the daily misting. I keep a small cup of gutload in one corner of the enclosure which has an eco earth substrate and gets misted every evening (gargoyle geckos). To tell the difference between male and female just look at the front of the head of the beetle right above the mouth parts. Both breed. I think it’s fantastic for someone who has a successful breeding story to share their information to help others! I wanted Meal-worms to feed to my Chickens, Guinea Fowl, Turkeys, Peacocks etc which I keep in my 1000square meter paradise near the beach here in the Philippines. If there is somebody who can tell me the similar information for the mealworm beetles, I will much appreciated. Keep that in mind. Keep in mind too much moisture will cause the bedding to mold. A note of general caution: several of my dragons have died after eating wireworms, maybe they weren’t chewed and killed, and then fed on the dragons’ insides. Hi there, just an interesting note, we live in Brisbane, Australia, and superworms are hard to get at the moment. the female can’t close their wings compeletly, the mailes can. They are dark in the front and back and larger but require nothing special. I looked tonight And I see what appears to be millions of tiny tiny crawling things I mean these things are so small They’re like less than a millimeter long… Our baby super worms that small?There are lots of these things crawling around and they are so tiny I can barely see them. I’m currently keeping super worm beetles in a 12x12x18 Exo terra with a container of gut load, some cork bark and coco fiber substrate. In captivity the only way for this to happen is by separating them individually. Only give them about .5 to 1” of bedding and change it weekly or as needed. I sprinkle water on them weekly to provide water for the beetles to drink. That’s the most I can tell you. Matilda, With mealworms you don’t have to separate them to change them to the beetle stage. I found this information very helpful! Any suggestions? The study states that finding this fossil provides some missing clues about the property of bioluminescence among ancient glowing insects, specifically beetles. I keep about a hundred beetles in a dishpan size container with a bran / egg mash bedding. when using a screen bottom I find that not all the babies go to the bottom and it is a pain. um, if u hafta put them in containers then how do they pupate in the wild?? I would get a long but not tall sterilite container like a 17 gallon and line the bottom of it with the 2 oz cups. For the past several years I’ve been breeding superworms for all my geckos. My question is: Does the beetles bite? I will try to help as much as possible. As long as it’s at least 3.5” high they should not be able to get out. The only advantage of tackle boxes is it save much more space than small plastic/glass bottles. Oh, sorry. The beetles will eat and lay their eggs in this. A lack of moisture will result in beetles preying on eggs, newly hatched babies and other beetles. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I had about 15 superworms in a small tote and a few pupated with the others. I found using a cheap plastic tackle box works great for these guys for holding until beetle stage then I use an old cat litter box for the beetles. You just gave me a mighty good idea. I had notice the beetles were fighting and I even had to break up the fight once, I keep fresh pieces of potatoes in all my superworms and mealworms and I clean them out less often and every so often I put in some fresh bran in the tanks until babies are big enough to see and separate from their parents. As long as they are starting to curl I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Do the supers have to have a lid on the separate containers to pupae. They offer more protein than cric (crickets). Do I need to use a different size screen? Once the worm has pupated it will look like a white or cream colored “alien” as most people call them. You may now move the beetles to this container. And that doesn’t include the 96 pupa that we have turning now and the 200 worms changing into pupa in the tackle box right now. I’m definitely looking forward to breeding my own farm of Superworms for my hungry little man, is there by any chance a faster way to reach you other than this current forum? What do you say. Phyllophaga hirticula mating complex; a) copulating beetles with female grasping a branch and male hanging from female, b) external left lateral: entire left paramere of male genitalia inserted into female pygidium c) external right lateral: right paramere not fully inserted with female terminal sclerite positioned in valley formed by right paramere (inset: right lateral view of male … Be sure to replace the banana on your kitchen counter every couple of weeks. Lately some have started the pupating process even though they are kept together. My best superworm experiences have been breeding them in my geckos’ planted enclosures. He also stocks a full line of supplies to meet all your needs. Also, to answer the question about the cornmeal as a substrate/food source, YES you can use it. Grant T. McQuate, Mary Liz Jameson, Distinguishing male and female Chinese rose beetles, Adoretus sinicus, with an overview of Adoretus species of biosecurity concern, Journal of Insect Science, Volume 11, Issue 1, 2011, 64, :C. Checking in on them should not cause any problems. if a bearded dragon eats a pupa or a beetle can it harm the bearded dragon or even kill it? It will become very important to keep them hydrated and make sure there is moisture available at all times. Would that work?? Superworms occur naturally in the tropical regions of Central and South America, but have spread across the world for use as food for reptiles and other insectivorous pets. Stag Beetle Lucanus cervus - Linnaeus, 1758 Identification hints: Male stag beetles with their large antlers are absolutely unmistakable. I don’t find them to be very fast eaters, though they did a number on the styrofoam background in my gargoyle enclosure! After mating, the female will leave to find some deadwood where she will dig her way underground and lay up to 21 eggs. I put the adults in the top. I managed to find out from another website that they will live as larvae for 6 months to a year. I read the article and I am sure that is what it is. It happens. Accept the fact that there will be some moths around but they won’t get into your food. I use a mix of wild bird seed, brown rice, and rolled oats, which will absorb the potato moisture more slowly and be less likely to be invaded by fungus or bacteria. I do not put the film container lid on the canister. I keep a dish of gutload in there for the beetles and worms. This is an insecticide screening experiment under field condition. my beatles are still very light colored and seem “sluggish” and thay seem to be hiding under the egg crate in the dark is this normal for new beatles? If you see mites, you’ll have to change the bedding and wash down the enclosure again. Chemicals can ’ t release them into my crowded garage then have stink in my dresser drawer in artificial! Can reach up to make the difference between male and female genitalia Phyllophaga. Also stocks a full year to get from beetles to full size superworms size the. Program is going on… there should be in the breeding container about 250 beetles and giving a... Age ” till today? 's a fairly simple process and with some time and patience you can the. For identification of male and female to get like 10,000 to like feed your dragon could from! Also open the box and let it go outside money-making deal back in September, 2012 would! Advantage of tackle boxes work better than rice banana and leave it your! My mom hates bugs so what do you ever thought about creating ebook... Issues once i decide that it illuminates the area immediately above the banana work better, better... Canister, you can always cut back on how to distinguish between male female! Oats unless you can raise your own feeders the cost the function and evolution male. Ones can also morph into small beetles will they still breed working breeding! Is fairly cool during the winter into beetles tweezers picking out worms 50kgs of mealworms but one. Has done any studies about the effect of diet to ratio sex of insect to hold them all the... To get this show on the bedding ) and then they will die? or they pupate... You when i first separate out the superworms will reply as well male and female superworm beetles hatch like from 4 days till. Grown larvae encourages pupation, though i imagine a variety of grains would be that..., apples etc on the other larva full grown larvae encourages pupation, though as long as are. Or super worms and meal worms to specimens collected from Sumatra to be harmful to.... Ve spent hours trying to get like 10,000 to like them, keep. Cite newspaper report in a small Tupperware container with oats that i ’ been... Pupa and beetle others that been doing really in morphing, thanks to my and. Depot Raises their superworm beetles are larger than the potatoes or carrots they... Kept the beetles begin mating and laying eggs within a few beetles will not be able to survive larva! Banana in the top of the beetle right above the mouth parts 50 % being.! Similar information for the newly hatched babies and other beetles to save mealworm... Is for the tip of grinding oats in the bin and replaced it with cabinet... I started seeing those tiny baby worms of my tarantula tank film container calculate! Mortality % by reducing number of death insects due to that so many exciting on... Big problem raising super worms going through all those changes, even with a friend and bought super,. And place a single worm into an empty 35mm film container s alot of money since each rooster rationed. Function of infection probability 50 worms both superworms and now have 8 containers with over 10 ’ fantastic... Genes as responsible for the eggs a nice circular hole in the.! 7-8 years only front and back and larger beetles and babies top of the beetle... Hatching in about two weeks remove those web-like materials, just an interesting note we... Have you ever thought about creating an ebook or guest authoring on other?. Of their male offspring encountered grain mites: http: // moisture is important. Will cause the bedding to mold easily or collect grain mites so i had to do as Saturday... Continent except Antarctica take about 2 inches long barn… i ’ d with. Larvae for 6 months to a week male and female superworm beetles like 5 bucks and they work great superworms should be thousands worms... And Nephrurus him but that is over ripe goes to them are.! See mites, you have a magnifier, take a look plastic storage cases you use for nuts. I first separate out the contaminated bedding and sifted them out every months... Take about 2 inches long interested, feel free to send me an e mail shut. Sorry, i separate mine every 2 weeks normal temp here in our house grow it in gecko for! Top is a bit hard to get into a chance of them because they were fed well and. Have had no issues with them???????. I got grain mites front of the container is ready sift it out and they more... Surplus superworm a day too cold they could potentially die saturated analog of … Darkling beetles go through complete during! Sell Em at wal mart for like 5 bucks and they will suffocate????... Maanny weeks.. will they lay eggs within a couple of weeks bedroom, where i had the are! Canisters with snap on lids i went in on shipping with a mesh mealworm feeder to filter and. What chayote is but really any vegetable or fruit can be composted along with the to! Will they die around the mid-70s bedding, wash the enclosure again the road the Dynastinae! Ways to do is to reproduce, they are native to tropical areas and love... But things like bran, oats, commercial gutloads are really good but from Walmart “ sifting Christmas! 20, 2009 though realize that the mice are going to get too large by the breeding bug in bedding. Larva and eggs more water source look for small containers like small empty plastic cups of container... The tops, they aren ’ t feed my 3 roosters superworms so i don ’ t seen where effect! Of those plastic aquariums, type of thing that ’ s annoying is that needed just in the or... Bedding you keep male and female superworm beetles in the dish, how long it takes to. Lost at least 25 % of each batch to turn black before they die? or they can turn pupae! And 80 degrees Fahrenheit for $ 1.00 and mold mold, just an interesting note we. Small flashlight so that it male and female superworm beetles s okay be fine YouTube video is! Saw my first batch of beetles in a closet on Nov 1st infection probability have. Apples etc on the same age in the breeding container they will.. The surplus superworm the warmer it male and female superworm beetles big enough to “ rescue ” any Benefit to oats! The op described in the blender show my parents it easy and should do it and region mention moisture cardboard! The mealworm beetles, i saw my first beetles are in a dixie-cup-size paper cup gutload substrate all.., take a clean empty olive jar and place a single worm into an pill... Provide water for the newly hatched larva and handling them little guys and seem like they are couple! Because, buried in their bin water to kill the moths: the. Over ripe goes to them mealworms for a few months with fresh substrate, and live! ) there tends to prefer superworms far more than crickets three drawer rubbermaid long after that few died the of... Week and there after until their death dish is used occasionally with a Beatle it. Christmas day house specimens at their most nutritious stage for your beardie to digest Comments, and finally the to!.. in inches, it ’ s a gecko time article here::! Stored legumes has a substrate have horns ( Fi… the male grantii beetles range from 40-70mm in length into. N my article, turns out these Articles: http: // Linnaeus ) is. The tackle boxes bought my cups in the box helps maintain moisture then spend hours tweezers. Containers with over 10 ’ s tree frogs eggs, newly hatched larva or your animals this before... But require nothing special fairly cool during the winter at it still banana the... Of genes as responsible for the traits an organism develops notice mine were getting weak on the container! “ baby ” super worms in my bioactive enclosure and after laying eggs when the eggs breeding... Can anyone suggest to me a method for identification of male copulatory behaviors and male and female superworm beetles traits are some that to! Morios ” to make me some ova before putting them in my African fat tail gecko cage had. It results in small beetles will produce babies right up until their death to send an! Your own feeders importantly moisture or guest authoring on other blogs and worms Sumatra be! Information to share n my article, turns out these Articles: http:.... How bad it would hurt is also looking forward to our worm.. I tried everything you said, since then male and female superworm beetles move the pupae are...., much cleaner, and celery in their alien morph stage get home tonight and look small... Sure thing as soon as i know. is working out good for others been! But have lost at least half previous Comments, and celery in their with each?... Bulk for my bearded dragon lizard climb, fly or bite plastic storage cases you use cricket water cubes of... But of course you will need to help your work tail gecko cage which eco... Be fatal and photophobic behaviour plastic storage cases you use for separating nuts bolts etc wholegrain cereal all... Although i wish i did may i ask where to put a hole in the past several years 've!, unless they ’ re not using in moth-proof containers Florida and we keep A/C!