If a candidate does not pass any part of the exam, they must repeat the entire exam. 348/2008 Coll., on Instruction and Examinations in the Czech Language for the Purposes of Obtaining a Permanent Residence Permit in the Czech Republic (pdf, 847 kB). Until now, to gain the Czech citizenship it was necessary to pass a Czech language test. The dates when the Czech Language Exam will be held are listed here; the venues where the Czech Language Exam will be held are listed here. French authorities have announced they are toughening up the language requirements to obtain citizenship - with new rules requiring a written test and removing the exemption for over 60s. The written test comprises 30 questions and takes 30 minutes. Citizenship law is quite complicated. The exam comprises a written part and an oral part. The first attempt at taking the exam is paid for by the state on the basis of a voucher that is issued to the foreign national at any MOI office. A new language test for Italian citizenship has recently been added in an amendment to the immigration and citizenship law D.L. Continue Reading. The voucher can only be used once. Documents for assessment are accepted by the Regional Authorities. Czech language exam.   One can skip the language exam only if he is younger than 15 or older. It contains parts from history and requires perfect language skills. Czech language exam has written and oral part. Approximately 10 minutes of the exam are devoted to preliminary test instructions. Candidates will be able to view their results 30 days after the exam at this address: http://ujop.cuni.cz/obcanstvi/vysledky. The oral exam is recorded for internal needs. Immigration Selection of the exam date and venue is part of the application form. His family was Czech though my mother never sought out Czech citizenship (born in the US). no later than 7 days after sending/submitting the exam application form, Who does not have to take the Czech Language Exam, need not be taken by the following individuals, The Ministry of the Interior may, based on Section 15(3) of the. A certificate proving the required knowledge of the Czech language is not requested from a foreign national who, can prove that in the 20 years preceding his/her application for permanent residence, he/she continuously attended a primary or secondary school for at least 1 scholastic year or that he/she studied at a higher education institute with lessons in the Czech language for at least 1 academic year or a study programme at a higher education institute focusing on Czech language. In other words, descent from a Czech parent is the primary method of acquiring Czech citizenship (together with naturalization).Birth on Czech territory without a Czech parent is in itself insufficient for the conferral of Czech citizenship. During the oral part of the exam (speaking), candidates are tested in groups of two (15–18 minutes for the two candidates). The exam itself is followed by a thirty-minute conversation with the clerk. / List of the universities which recognise the CCE exam What third-party language tests will you accept as proof I have adequate knowledge of English or French when I apply for citizenship? The Czech Certificate Exam can help you with the university admissions process, improve your career and not least measure your progress in Czech! After you fill in the Czech placement test, we will know the level of your Czech language knowledge and we will be able to recommend you the right Czech course or to choose you the right teacher if you are interested in Czech individual lessons.. You can fill in the Czech placement test even just for fun, you do not have to attend any of our Czech for Foreigners courses. You need to pass a Czech language test unless you are a Slovak citizen. Registration 1 is intended for candidates who are taking the entire exam or just the Czech Life and Institutions Exam. The process took around 15 months – longer if you count the wait to get a slot for the language … More information, list of institutions which are competent to realize Czech language exam or model test, you will find on portal "Čeština pro cizince", dedicated to this topic. Office n. 91 of 5th February 1992. Website of the Fire and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, © A fee is charged for taking the Czech Language Exam. To become a Czech national, it is necessary for the applicant to specify the source of their income and pass an exam in the Czech language and history of the country. It contains parts from history and requires perfect language skills. There is no time limit on the validity of the certificate. You can take the test at levels A1–C1. Welcome to the official website for the Examination in the Czech Language for Permanent Residence. The type you choose will usually depend on the reasons why you are seeking a German language certification (e.g. Office You need to pass a Czech language test unless you are a Slovak citizen. Registration 2 is intended for candidates who are taking the Czech Language Exam only. which parts comprise the examination ( Examination for the purposes of granting citizenship of the CR is comprised of two examinations: Examination of the Czech language (on the level B1) and Examination of Czech Life and Institutions.)