Progression Continues


Biodelivery Sciences International Inc (BDSI) is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in medicine dealing with pain management and addiction. BDSI has adopted various drug delivery technologies in its operations. The company develops and commercializes solutions aimed at meeting diverse medical needs. BDSI performs its operations at times on its own or with other likeminded partners. 

The strategy of BDSI as a company focuses on utilizing the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) process(Biodelivery Sciences International Inc, 2018). The application of this method enables the company to efficiently get approval of new formulations.  This strategy has enabled BDSI to make significant progression as a pharmaceutical company. For instance, BSDI has been able focus on a particular area in pharmacy, which is the development and commercialization of medicine dealing with addiction and pain. A company being able to identify its niche and serve it efficiently is an indication of progress.

Additionally, BSDI has been able to develop a unique technology to help it manage its operations. The technology is referred to as BioErodible MucoAdhesive (BEMA®). It is drug delivery method used in developing and commercializing products. Another indication of progression in an organization is the ability to adopt technology and use it to enhance efficiency. The technology used by BSDI is a pioneer in the creation and distribution of pharmaceutical products. 

Moreover, BSDI has shown factual progression through its response of emerging medical needs(Rockwell Medical Inc., 2018). For instance, the company has developed drugs to deal with pain caused by cancer or other chronic illnesses. Its products are developed in a way that enhances patient care. The ability to meet emerging needs shows that an organization is making progress. Without progression, organizations become unproductive and unreliable. They are unable to meet emerging needs. 



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