Achieving Progress

Epizyme, Inc. is a company which is involved with clinical-stage biopharmaceutical. Essentially, the organization researches and develops epigenetic therapies products that are used by cancer patients. Chromatin modifying proteins (CMPs) and histone methyltransferases (HMTs) are some of inhibitors molecule which the company develops. The company leading product is tazemetostat which is a potent and selective inhibitor that enhances histone methyltransferases (HMT), EZH2 (zeste homolog 2). An enzyme that is effective in managing various type of cancer. Other products that company is engaged in are CMPs and pinometostat which are used for treatment of acute leukemias and other considerable unmet medical attention. Therefore, this work will discuss an article that has analyzed significant progress made by Epizyme Inc. Company.

Positive Interim information from the second Phase

In June 2017, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical organization producing epigenetic therapies declared positive interim efficacy data. This is in regard to the firm continuing phase two medical trial of tazemetostal which is EZH2 inhibitor. Tazemetostal is used as a single-agent medicine to treat refractory or relapsed patient suffering from diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) or follicular lymphoma (FL) classified by EZH2 mutational status. The preliminary results released on Malignant Lymphoma (ICML) were highly regarded as the big achievement since the firm started a new financial year. Additionally, information from 62-gene panel biomarker research of tazemetostat in individuals, who had several non-Hodgkin lymphoma types, was presented at the conference.

The available information on June 1, 2017, indicates that treatment for tazemetostat is an achievement to individuals with FL. The subgroup of individuals with the EZH2 activating mutation has objective response rate (ORR) of 92%. There are individuals who are still under study includes a patient who has FL with EZH2 wild-type and has ORR of22% and 26%. Epizyme, Inc Company made a remarkable effort which evident to individuals with EZH2 mutations and ORR of 29%. As the mutation groups continue to grow and patient remain on the investigation, Epizyme anticipates more positive findings. Moreover, tazemetostat continued to give an enhanced result from the patient population who were under exploration.

The company leading investigator Mr. Franck Morschhauser said that he believes that tazemetostat will assume a significant position in fighting diseases for many patients. Furthermore, he recognized the impact seen with follicular lymphoma patients. Also, DLBCL patients who have EZH2 mutations their level have vastly improved. Specifically to an individual with bleak prognosis linked with the advanced ailment. The company promised to continue to improve their discoveries on drugs. This is to enable patients to to receive a full benefit in DLBCL and refractory or relapsed FL. The chief executive officer Rob Bazemore further reaffirmed company’s commitment to giving better treatment. To achieve this, the firm will continue with in-depth investigation and discoveries on drugs as well as enroll more patients with the EZH2 mutation.

Follicular Lymphoma Efficacy Data
Follicular Lymphoma is a lethargic form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) is taken to be untreatable with available drugs and is defined by cycles of relapse. In effect, it has become a big challenge to treat due to its continuous progression. FL has each year infects around 25,000 patients in both major European countries and the United States. 14%-29% of this population have an EZH2 mutation. Patients with FL with an EZH2 mutation have no approved treatments. Epizyme Company In April 2017 established Fast Track description for FL irrespective of mutational status.
As of June 1, 2017, in the Phase 2 trial, The Company registered 19 FL individuals who had EZH2 activating mutations, 13 out of 19 are included in efficacy 2016, a patient who was in enrolled having FL are 54, with all evaluable for efficacy. 75% of this individual had either more than 2 prior treatments. Moreover, half of each subset tested refractory to their last preceding therapy

Key finding interim efficacy


FL with EZH2 MT

FL with EZH2WT


June 1, 2017 Evaluable for efficacy

n =13

n =54


Partial Response (PR)

11 (85%)

11 (20%)


Complete Response (CR)

1 (8%)

3 (6%)


Objective Response Rate (CR + PR)

12 (92%)

14 (26%)


Stable study drug ongoing

1 (8%)

12 (22%)


Progressive Disease


13 (24%)


SD study drug ongoing

1 (8%)

12 (22%)


No Data, Unknown (UNK)




11.9 (6.9=35.9)

15.2 (8.2-32.1)

The performance of FL patients improves using tazemetostat. Together with, well-tolerated safety profile, it espouses its utility as monotherapy or embedded agent. Combining treatment has assumed an important role in developing standard-of-care for FL.


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