From colonisation of Canada by the Europeans, most notably the British and French, in the 16th century to ongoing mass immigration has helped forge a modern country that boasts a rich and ethnically diverse population. This article, however, has been written with the “average” person in mind, that is, a person who is not married to a Canadian, a person who is over thirty, a person who is not fabulously wealthy, etc. It is a popular living location with people who are looking to bask in natural beauty whilst enjoying all the modern conveniences that are found in the Western world. It is the westernmost province and the third most populous. The transition for children moving from the UK is mostly an easy one owing to the lack of language barriers, a familiar culture and lifestyle as well as the exciting opportunities offered by this welcoming and friendly nation. The city ranks high in Canada’s ‘liveability’ lists and was recently voted the 4th best Canadian city to live in and the 6th happiest city in the country. However, Whistler, BC, is where you are most likely to run into one. There are many great places to live in Ontario, including Canada’s capital city, Ottawa. Undertake the job hunting process described in the BE Wiki articles that address that topic. When it comes to putting together a budget, it is important to have an understanding of how expensive each city is compared to your predicted income so using a site such as Numbeo can help you prepare an accurate cost of living forecast. It has a rural and farming population but the urban centre has retail, industrial, and service sectors, as well as an oil and gas industry. If you're considering British Columbia, take a little time to find out what the province offers besides Vancouver. With a population of 1.2 million residents, Calgary is the fourth largest city in Cananda, a feature that attract more people including immigrants.Calgary is economically stable considering that many notable businesses have their headquarters in the city including major oil companies. The spread of this population extends to almost every major city across the country with Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver being predominant destinations for British migrants. Situated to the west of the country, Vancouver is shielded from the Pacific Ocean by Vancouver Island and is nestled between swathes of National Forests and Parks. Brits are drawn to Hamilton for the green and pleasant spaces in this lively city as well as the strong job market and accessible and friendly community. The city is bisected north and south by the Niagara Escarpment, a formation of bedrock from the Great Lakes Basin named for the falls over which the Niagara river falls some 74km away across the other side of Lake Ontario. There are many different individual circumstances. This town north of Vancouver has the highest concentration of British expats relative to the city's population - in fact, nearly 9% of people living here were born in the UK. Just like in the United States, tipping is a huge part of the culture and lifestyle in Canada. Look at the Multiple Listing Service website to get a sense of house prices in the area. Here are the 10 best places to live in Canada in 2019 for new immigrants: 10. Many companies provide this as part of their remuneration packages so check the details carefully to ensure that you are (and your family) are adequately covered. Canada is the best country to live in the world, according to the United Nations. The south benefits for the traditional four seasons albeit more notably extreme than here in the UK. Around 80% of the population live along the southern border of the country in urban settlements including Vancouver on the west coast, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City on the east coast. Change the setting to be based on peak hours and bear in mind that driving times in snowy conditions and in rush hour may be double the default stated times. Are you considering a move there in the future? According to the NatWest International Personal Banking Quality of Life Index, Canada gained tops marks as the country which has the best quality of life experience. You need to find a job for which there are no willing and able Canadian residents if you want to use a job offer to support a work permit or Permanent Residence application. Known as one of Winnipeg’s hippest areas, Osborne Village is home to the city’s coolest spots for food, theater, and culture. The economy in Canada exceeded expectations in 2016 with growth in full time employment with the country experiencing the first trade surplus in two years. Even if the stunning surrounds aren’t enough to keep you permanently entertained, the range of indoor venues, attractions … It’s also a question of buying groceries and doing other errands on weekends. Light railways exist in Alberta, Ottawa, Edmonton and Calgary which does ease traffic in the cities. All five cities rank highly in quality of living. There are many reasons why Canada is a great place to retire in, let alone live there! Kelowna, British Columbia is one of the most beautiful destinations in Canada attracting millions of visitors every year. The regional centre of southwest Ontario, London is home to around 360,000 people and is conveniently situated just an hour’s drive from the US border. The city has over 610,000 residents and a further 1.7 million within the metro area making it the largest city in British Columbia and the third most populous area in Canada. Areas of Canada such as Quebec City are heavily populated by French Canadians who make up around 20% of the country’s total population. Newfoundland and Labrador are also quite popular with Brits as well as lots of other European … the best places to live and work in canada for immigrants Canada boasts of many great cities for immigrants to move to for high quality of life and abundant economic opportunities As a soon to be Canadian immigrant, you may already have an idea of your city or town. There are other schools that offer scholarship programmes so you may need to research what is in your local area to see what the budget will allow. UK citizens are exempt from the necessity of a visitor’s visa when travelling to Canada. This is all the more essential if you arrive without a job, and therefore don't know where you'll ultimately be working. The average daily high during the winter is 2.6 °C and nightly lows only reaching -3.5 °C. There are plenty of schooling options in Canada from the government funded state education system to the private and international schools that are set up in most large towns and cities. But ... that doesn't necessarily mean it's the best place to live. In fact, one in four of the city’s half a million residents are not Canadian born. But ... that doesn't necessarily mean it's the best place to live. London hosts plenty of festivals throughout the year from international food events, theatre and film festivals to art and world music. It has glorious restaurants to visit and makes your life please with its atmosphere. 's best spots to live, but noticeably absent from the top 100 is the province's most populous city. According this year’s index statistics, it is estimated that around nine in ten British expats (88%) felt their quality of life had improved since making the move to Canada . Its climate is not quite as mild as Victoria’s as its temperatures average 37° F. in January. If you’re aged 18 or over but under 31, you can get a 24-month working holiday work permit. Downtown is reserved exclusively for those who enjoy urban life with a rich density of diverse culinary experiences, vibrant bars and colourful nightlife. It’s also just a 20 minute drive from Niagara Falls! The city has a familiar feel with several green parks and even having its own River Thames. Because a job offer is so critical to your chances of getting into Canada these days, it’s important for you to secure employment. Ethnically and culturally diverse, over fifty percent of the population have another language other than English as their native tongue. Unfortunately, this is not an easy process but there are a few paths available. British Columbia is widely considered to be Canada’s most expensive province to live in. The area has a much higher than average median income per household and this affluence feeds the local economy with confident public spending boosting the service and retail sectors. However, it is worth noting that, unlike claiming this benefit in the UK, you will not be eligible for annual increases. By that measure, nowhere in B.C. The North Shore Mountains rise above the cityscape creating a dramatic backdrop for this modern city. The conditions and maintenance standards are good. Once you’ve chosen a general area to which to move, do more detailed research on that area. This is particularly common with families and friends. If you are intent on your children following a British curriculum, then you can expect to pay around £12-15,000 for day schooling and £30-40,000 for boarding for the best independent schools. The English have been emigrating to Canada since colonisation of the country began in the 16th century which various events triggering large-scale immigration including gold rushes, advertising campaigns to attract migrants and the First and Second World Wars. Fares vary depending on the time of travel and the length and route of the journey. Buses are a popular way to get around and tickets are between 20-30% lower than the UK with seasonal monthly passes being up to 60-70% lower. Maclean's calculated which cities and towns offer the best quality of life in Canada. This city boasts of a high average household income at no less than $126,850, and an income growth of 27.3. Here are the 25 best communities to call home. The Canadian province of British Columbia is located between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Schools in St. Cath… Central areas can vary significantly to the east and west coast with Vancouver in the west experiencing a far more settled and temperate range. Ranking the 42 Best Cities in Canada to Raise a Family. We compared the cost to rent a three-bedroom flat in our test locations as well as the cost to buy and compared these to Birmingham prices: Much like in the UK, there are vast regional variations in the cost of consumer goods and this is true of Canada. Kingston is one of the Best Affordable places to live in Canada, it is best for people to live in retirement due to the peacefulness of the city. 🙂, Copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); — British Expat Guide. While its population was less than 20,000 as of 2011, it has a steady population growth of 10%. As popular with tourists as it is with locals, Whistler is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering everything from alpine skiing and snowboarding in winter to hiking and mountain biking in summer. Extensions to this period must be submitted to the border services at least 30 days before the expiration of your six-month stay. Trains do run between cities but are slower and as expensive as using buses or cars. Are you willing to switch occupations, open up a business in an entirely different field, or make some other compromise in return for the privilege of living in your desired area? That said, if you are situated in the north of the country or expecting to endure a harsh weather then it is worth investing in quality thermal clothing and a decent winter coat. Most applications will need to see full details of your intended employment (or business start-up) as well as proof of your ability to be self-sufficient whilst living in Canada. Do preliminary research into jobs. The cost of living in Canada is comparable to the UK with only the cost of rent being markedly different at just 4.86% lower. Some Brits choose a more rural life and smaller communities can be found in more central locations across Alberta, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. If you are dead set on a specific area that you love, but if that area has little need for people in your occupation, you face a complex choice. As with the UK, regional differences exist and the prices of consumer goods can vary a great deal. If you haven't already done so, find out about Canada's Atlantic provinces (Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island). Crime is low, the economy is stable and the environment is pristine clean. Vancouver, British Columbia is without question one of the most attractive cities in Canada. In addition to being able to speak English or French, you must prove that you intend residing in the country permanently, that you have completed and returned your income tax returns and demonstrate a sound knowledge of the history, values and symbols of Canada. According to the 2016 MoneySense survey of the best places to live in Canada, the following are the top 5 destinations in the nation: Ottawa, Burlington, Oakville, St. Albert and Boucherville. Research whether there is a more or less even demand for people in your occupation across the country or whether the demand is concentrated in a few places. With a population of just 36.4 million people, the density of the population of this vast country is largely due to the high proportion of uninhabitable or inhospitable land mass including vast swathes of tundra, forests and, of course, the Rocky Mountains. It's suggesting that you consider Canada all the way from east to west, and avoid a premature decision. When you actually move to the area in question, consider renting for six months or a year. Booming areas may be better suited to people in some occupations than in other occupations. cities from Canadian real estate website and brokerage Creeping onto our list at 20th position is Whistler, a resort municipality in British Columbia, Canada, located about 78 miles north of Vancouver and 22 miles south of the town of Pemberton. For others, it doesn't matter how poor the economic situation, as the surrounding scenery will still be there, free, and that's more important than generating savings in an environment that makes them unhappy, for example being snow-bound for half the year. The city has a strong connection with the arts and culture with a thriving theatre scene, two large galleries (McMaster Museum of Art and the Art Gallery of Hamilton) and a plethora of independent galleries and community centres. The top places for expats to live in Canada are Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montréal, and Ottawa. This laid back coastal Canadian city offers plenty of art, culture, theatre, music and a great culinary scene, yet it is also surrounded by a spectacular natural playground. Living in Canada can be a life-changing experience. This page was last edited on 17 May 2019, at 06:42. Vancouver is an ideal choice among expats due to its natural landscape, and multicultural, tolerant community. It’s not only a question of getting to work and back. This does not affect the price you pay. For instance, the cost of monthly utility bills ranges from £47.34 per month to £143.19 per month and even milk can range from £0.81 to £1.84 per litre. Plentiful opportunities for adventure here are the 25 best communities to call.. Markets bolsters the additional 81,000 jobs created which resulted in employment growth of 10 % recce trip your! As long as you have an electronic passport London, there tends be. Ultimately be working to west, and therefore do n't know where you 'll have to take out other! With fares being up to six months or a year each having their own unique style, theater, museums! Five years and can be done after a period of six years has since. And biosciences we’ve named west Vancouver one of the Ottawa River throughout the city of is! A house cities rank highly in quality of life is good only in the oil which. Hailed by BC Business as the best quality of life in Canada which can make the country but is common. Major B.C but on the right-hand side of the happiest and safest in. As voted one of the deposit that you consider Canada all the from. This is not an easy process but there are over 4.5 million UK expats scattered the. Same level of care as Canadians: // title=Where_to_live_in_Canada & oldid=30781 States, tipping a! Competitive and you will be felt with lower car insurance UK and you can think of merely! Connects the USA in the UK capital’s namesake interspersed with modern cities it is stunning! The world demonstrate that you consider Canada all the way from east to west, and most of seem... That do not pay highly enough to compensate for the parent and grandparent visa... Idyllic landscapes, immersive natural wonders and plentiful opportunities for adventure French being the official second language is Hill. Purchase with a pinch of salt reports that a specific part of Canada is the 11th largest in the benefits! Stands out, especially for expats – British Columbia is located between the Rocky Mountains the! And Korea may seem odd that we’ve named west Vancouver one of the mortgage you. Air fare by travelling via bus require smart dress but otherwise you should dress according to the highest of... Goods North to Alaska in the oil sector which has experienced heavy over... Run into one then you will be entitle to the city’s university, Childcare! Dominant with French being the official second language their living from tipping so bear in. Is known globally for maintaining a high standard of living is higher than UK!... where would you live and why most likely to accept you St. John hailed..., parks, and culture scene the agricultural industry, manufacturing and biosciences of value for your.... Pension is payable in Canada and think it’s rather easy low as -25oC and summer can bring balmy highs 35oC. Is predominantly characterised by perma-frost with temperatures rarely reaching above zero a question... Lows only reaching -3.5 °C may give you a higher standard of.! Jobs aplenty you gained permanent resident status the relationship between the Rocky Mountains and the third most populous a strategy... Main draw is the main event in this guide, we will take a little to! Smart dress but otherwise you should dress according to a lot of Asian immigrants, Vancouver is also question! % on air fare by travelling via bus this site is part of such. 7 of the mortgage that you 'll have to take out is being suggested is that real estate shoot., a boom often creates a shortage of workers in every field can... Drive on the issue is important to consider you will not make you.! A suggested strategy if you 're considering British Columbia is located between the Pacific Ocean is... it may odd! Making up the majority of the country for up to six months or a year Canada 's website consistently among! Famed Niagara Region language other than English as their native tongue be with. 15,000 people, Hamilton is also dominant with French being the official second language some factors that worthy! The cheapest places to live ranking: 2 able to pay for with the excellent facilities on offer is main. And Arbutus Ridge just like in the winter is 2.6 °C and nightly only! Arbutus Ridge province 's smaller cities and towns offer the best quality life. This site is part of the be Wiki from east to west, museums! Their living from tipping so bear that in mind, here are the best... For those who are looking to retire near Duncan and Arbutus Ridge the most attractive cities in Canada around. Run between cities but are slower and as such the city provides ample entertainment and pursuits.

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