The optometrists are not employed by LensCrafters, which does not provide eye exams. However, his new RX was in the systems as well. I told the Rep that Marcie kept my Versace frames at the store. I can see that LensCrafters does not stand behind the products they sell, I feel betrayed by LensCrafters - they took my money and slammed the door in my face. And I'd stay away altogether, knowing what I do now. She they had a new doctor re-examine me and she determined the problem was that they needed to add the stigmatism into the contacts. LensCrafters Jobs Available. The lenses where put into a frame that I purchased from you in 2010. !Terrible customer service all the way around glasses never ordered!! A subsidiary of Italy's Luxottica SpA's Retail group, U.S.-based Lens Crafters Inc. is North America's leading retailer of eyewear. I purchased a box of lenses and noticed my vision for distance wasn't the greatest. Came in today to Lenscrafters on 6/17 /2016. Sent them back and again said another week. I bought two pairs of glasses in pair had a scuff on the lens, I was told I have to buy new lenses , I think I should get some consideration on this problem. Find more than 118 complaints| Ripoff Report. So I feel I am being ripped off of about $120 whilst being insulted for my bad vocal cord. we have been return customers to you for 3 or 4 years now . He then took me over to a computer and acted like he was showing me the computer screen and that you were suppose to position your head with it tilted back. On our second visit in - the staff was very rude and one associate was eating dinner at the desk while we were waiting. My husband then got upset and told her that they worked perfectly fine and she replied,"well I barely sell those lenses." I am filing a new complaint, because apparently my previous one (ref #181121-000672) NEVER got resolved. Other companies that offer frames & lens state that you don't have to purchase frames & lens to get the measurement, it is standard from an eye exam is done to measure the distance of the pupil of each eye whether you purchase glasses from them or not, similar to the on-line companies offered frames & lens. If this is how your Technician's are dealing with and treating their Loyal Customer's....I hate to see what the future holds. i ordered glasses 12-27-1 received them 1-17-12 the prescription was wrong after being charged for an extensive eye exam. Bought 3 pairs of glasses at this lens crafter, 2 pairs for me and one pair for husband, glasses were too take about 10 days, didn't get one till 14 days any my husband longer then that. I have 2 major shows to perform for this week, reading Christmas involved arrangements, (not Jingle Bells) one tomorrow night, the 20th and another, the 23rd. I ended up paying and additional $185.00 on that date out of pocket. I asked the techntion not to use cameras due to sensitive eyes. Two in Tx glasses and one without Tx. I immediately called the store & the person who answered had no idea what I was talking about, put me on hold & came back & said she could do nothing for me. I honestly feel like taking a further step of action at this point. Welcome to the Lenscrafters complaints department brought to you by HissingKitty. She has non-scratch resistant lens and has had no issue's with them, having been upset about the scratches we went back to LensCrafters on 10/3/2016 hoping the scratches could be buffed out. I told Brian that I wanted a refund. please advise me what I should do from here, because it is not my two year replacement time for my insurance I am not even sure my insurance will honor the $25.00 copay. When we called the following day they were to be delivered- the East Cobb store said they did not have the address to the other store and would we please call back with the manager name and address??? When he arrived she explained to him the issue and he came up to me and told me that there was nothing wrong with my glasses that I was suppose to look as my computer with my reading part of my glasses. There are 2 measurements required Distance & Near. Jimmy stated that it was normal because they were new frames and he just needed to adjust to them. I took them to Lenscrafters on 1/21/2019 to order the prescription lenses. Business Profile Lenscrafters, Inc. Optician. I informed her that since I lost my rx glasses at UVA, Uva offered to replace them. A courtesy call would of been a nice touch. The company has its corporate headquarters in Mason, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati.. LensCrafters has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Italy's Luxottica, the largest eyewear company in the world, since 1995. File a complaint with Burger King customer service department. I wasn't looking for something for nothing, I just wanted LensCrafters to fix my glasses and do the right thing to keep me as a customer. Experienced poor customer service? During my eye examination Angela brought me back to begin the prescreening prior to the doctor examination. Upon receiving our glasses a week later the prescriptions on both pairs were my wife's prescriptions, which caused over a 2 week delay in me receiving my glasses.Today when I called the the store the clerk was extremely rude and informed me that there was no need for me to call, that she would text when the glasses came in. Browse the categories and find everything you need. She never called, so I called the stose on the same day 6/8/2019. Never the right. next friday the 11th. I would like someone to call me asap about my horrible experience at this location. Find a Store. As a result it is destroyed. It is NOT my problem, even though your staff is trying to say it is. That was two weeks ago and I have not seen the refund show up in my account yet. What are you going to do to make this right? The com pany was a pioneer of the "superoptical" segment during the 1980s and has grown to more than 880 stores in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. This is the worst customer service imaginable. I called 3 times from Sun. bad customer service. Use this comments board to leave complaints and reviews about LensCrafters. Sincerely, A week passed so I called to follow up since I never received a call, and the girl who answered put me on hold for at least 5 minutes and said they got the contacts in. So I got stuck with a style did not want and a size too big for my face because of the discomfort I feel at the earlobes. On 5-26-19 I came in for another exam and was informed the doctor was running behind 30 to 40 minutes. On the first visit Dr. Carlos Sanchez, O.D, PA in Estero, FL. I never received a call informing me that my sunglasses were ready so, I stopped by the store on 2/10/19. I cannot believe the kind of people you have here working for you. I waited past my appointment time before I went to the front. Don't just say...sorry about that. No explanation and the sales associate did not understand the explanation, either. complete your first contact lens purchase and you can reorder next time with just one click. Everyone was polite, and within about 1/2 an hour to 45 mins. After I get my new prescription in writing, I will not be a returning customer. By entering your email address below, you are providing consent to be contacted by us via email. Step two: Call 1-877-753-6727 (Lenscrafters hotline). She didn't seem to understand and was quite rude about when 'next weekend' was and proceeded to tell me that next weekend is July 28th and 29th in a rude tone, and asked me for a third time when I want to schedule the exam. Customer Service Hotline: (852) 2343-8223 (HongKong, China) (86)400-880-2411 (Mainland, China) We’ve created a customer and patient experience that prioritizes hygiene and safety without sacrificing our quality of care. bad quick first exam .only thing that was good was the eye doctor. We are doing work that matters - connecting customers with businesses around the world and help them resolve issues and be heard. For your security, we've temporarelyblocked the insurance look up.Try again in 60 minutes. She would have left it at that. Then when I asked him just to give me my money back, he said I don't think so! Before I was always given a pair out of the drawer. We do not have a record of a registered customer with that email address. and that they would in no way honor the initial conversation. and was very obstinate. My encounter with Natalie was difficult from the outset. Either way, if it took 7 days, that was fine too, since they gave me that notice in advance. You must be able to do something to help your Loyal Customer? 2/11/2019 for Eye Exam due to the fact that I had been struck by a car while walking & current eyeglasses were destroyed when I was hit. Shame on them. You can also search FAQs for answers on the spot. During the exam the medical assistant incorrectly transposed my wife's eye exam for the doctor. Arden Fair Mall, Sacramento, California, . She lied to me Again, this prescription is for up close vision, not distance. I came back two weeks later, the 2 page document I completed had been misplaced or destroyed, they couldn’t figure out what happened to it so I completed a new one. LensCrafters customer service is here to provide helpful, fast answers to your questions and needs. I told him that there is a middle section of the lens and I asked him, "what is that called"? Dr Steven Labroff was unprofessional, uncaring, abrupt. I certainly could have paid the $45 and skipped a manicure but I walked out of the office after telling them of my displeasure. But being told this I ordered them anyway. Maybe it's still processing, but frankly I am tired of reaching out to you people with ZERO RESULTS, especially since I have already filed an original complaint and have not heard back from ANYONE despite several attempts of me reaching out (even emailing you screenshots of the $65.00 charge which supposedly you guys couldn't even view on your end). Well it is NOT my problem that they have taken twice as long as promised to even PROCESS them, let alone send them out, and that they REFUSE to let me speak with a supervisor!! Enter your email and password to save your offer, then redeem it in store. Claim Share Print. The Lenscrafters we used was inside the Tucson Mall in , Tucson Arizona. Any consumer should have the RIGHT to cancel an order IMMEDIATELY if the company fails to provide the PROMISED services that were paid for! Broke my glasses while out of town. I picked them up on Monday and told your service person John 036826 and he told me I was wrong and I would get used to them. I have heard negative reports, but as a long time satisfied customer I continued to patronize Lens Crafters. what the hex! I ended up not getting any. She used OPD - scan111 which injured my eyes and caused severe symptyms in my eyes and anxiety. Contact Us We accept most vision insurance plans online, saving you time and money. Brian Nardelli only pointed to card machine and told me swipe my card. Back on May 21, 2012, I got my eyes examined and ordered my glasses for no-line bifocals with a … I was ASSURED that my order would be canceled, and that was on 6/7/19! On numerous occasions, I asked the sales representative to make sure I'm purchasing the correct lenses which I was told yes. Our precautions in store. Enter another email address and try again. We buy all of our glasses at Lenscrafters. and then these in2016? Business Profile. This has been a total nightmare- I will never do business with Lens Crafters again and we will be returning the glasses- provided they find them! I would very much appreciate it if someone at Lenscrafters corporate offices can contact me about this issue. Well if being blurry is the norm, I don't think so. The Manager conveyed I would need another exam. They are now aware that Lenscrafters should not have charged me and should not be paid. I felt like it was not enough given all that I've been thru. When I picked up the new glasses after a few days I was able to see right away a considerable noticeable difference, but there was one other difference as well they had switched my frame. I was told Angela was the only one who could refund for the exam and would call me. In the past 3 years 2 different pairs of Lenscrafters glasses have given me problems. In 2006, Luxottica began to expand the LensCrafters brand in China by acquiring and then rebranding local retail chains in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Hong Kong. I have called about 3 times since it was first submitted (the last 2 times being told that they were adding a note to expedite this issue) -- never received a call back, never received an email. Sharon Gnapinski 910-409-8095 I would appreciate your help in this matter, thank you, My wife and l have been Lenscrafter's customers for years. I was being nice and Regina had no reason to lash out at me. First I scheduled an appointment for me and my daughter online. The new ones came in and I still could not read but could see distance. It’s never gone to this. I'm thinking that I'll probably fall closer to the 5 days since I uploaded my script and they would not need to go "chasing" it from my doctor. If you athenticate with your Insurance Plan, you won't be able to use Perks. 1,386 LensCrafters reviews. Ordered 2 new pair of glasses (regular and sun glasses). Yesterday 1/7/19 my husband an I arrived at Lenscrafters around 4pm. Meanwhile, I tried using their online chat, I called AGAIN (and AGAIN got Jasmine) and was AGAIN told I could not speak with a supervisor AND I could not cancel my order - all to no avail. This last visit, after spending $1300 dollars for new glasses our experience was extremely unpleasant. If you are facing any problem and technical issues related to your LensCrafters products and services including general enquires like warranty complaints & product related queries, don’t worry, kindly visit to LensCrafters customer service office, centre and stores during the any business hours. For 2 months I was in there every week sometimes twice. He said the company declined to renew his lease in an office attached to a LensCrafters store. See how that’s working out. The associates were terribly rude and clueless. I am an Registered Nurse and I know all about charting and keeping up with what is going on in the medical chart. Her colleague called him up to tell him, she found the frames. The lenses had not been cut and the glasses were not ready although the person who cuts the lenses came in at 1:00 that day. Marcie offered $25 off my frame purchase. Now I am forced to find another eye glass store in this small community since I refuse to return to Lenscrafters and be verbally abused. I was very upset to learn we had to switch doctors yet again due to “networks” but relieved when I met Dr. Nelson. If you don't receive this email, check your junk mail folder or visit our He got on the phone & stated that they would never have promised me a PD measurement UNLESS I purchased frames & lens from them. His RX didn't change drastically., only a little. I TOLD HIM ALL OF MY FRIENDS AND COWORKERS ARE ASKING WHY I HAVEN'T GOTTEN MY NEW GLASSES AND I HAVE TOLD THEM THAT I CAN'T GET A STRAIGHT ANSWER FROM LENSCRAFTERS. I know that they were mine because there was no tag and the lenses were missing. The new prescription is worded then my present ones. Brian said you paid $116 and $185. I went into Lenscrafters at Westgate Mall with my prescription, and with it being a very strong prescription I ask for high index lenses. What management looks after this? File a complaint with Lenscrafters customer service department. Brian did not give any eye contact. I have just now phoned 4 very reputable optical stores. I then asked her how can Brian work on my refund when no one ever verified who I am. I moved to Lakeland & tried Lenscrafters and am very disappointed. Register below to save your offer, then redeem it in store. Then I learned my insurance paid 100% up to $200.. I HAVE NEVER HEAD OF A RETAILOR CHARGING MORE CAUSE YOU USE INSURANCE. Infante is represented by Charles P. Reichmann of the Law Offices of Charles Reichmann, Theodore J. Leopold, Andrew N. Friedman, Geoffrey A. Graber and Sally M. Handmaker of Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC, and Robert Gordon and Steve Calamusa of Gordon & Doner So, then he went and grabbed the iPad where my chart is and then started scrolling back in it and started saying looks like here you have returned quite a few pair of glasses. I asked Brian what can be done for all of the inconvenience. She told me then that she would not be looking into the matter that day, but she would tomorrow 6/9/2019. She explained she was waiting for the doctor to come back before she called me back. Welcome to the Lenscrafters complaints department brought to you by HissingKitty. It seems you need to be aware of this problem and either offer a second set of frames for free with the original purchase or extend the warranty period to at least five years. Most of the company's stores are found in shopping malls and offer one-hour service, eye exams, contact lenses, and sunglasse s. The company experienced significant growth under United States Sho e Corporation … Said order would be in the same day the following week. I purchased 2 set of frames on that date with updated lenses RX for myself and my son totaling $137.91 out of pocket after insurance. I told him that wasn't true. Very displeased with both pairs of glasses, Called LensCrafters independent Mall Wilmington North Carolina Monday 7/23/ 2018 asked if they had a specific frame, my son broke his glasses we wanted to keep the lenses change the frame. Need for someone to call me 903-491-6620. As of December 31, 2018, the Group operated a retail network of 1,158 LensCrafters stores, of which 1,050 are in North America and the other 108 stores are in China and Hong Kong. I leave and I can’t see clear so now I’m worried there is something more severe with my eyes. When I informed her that I would purchase my glasses on Friday instead of at that moment she walked away while saying "you can call to make an appointment." Business Profile. LensCrafters customer service phone number along with tips, reviews, hours and other useful links. As a result of the terrible service at this store, I told them to refund my money. I can not remember her name because it was so late in the evening. A week passed and there was no change, I could'nt drive In them or see at in them all which means I didn't wear them during this time because everything was blurred and distorted, meanwhile I had to go to the emergency room and found out that my glucose levels were at 600, which I found out later had a enormous effect on my eye sight. The East Cobb store needs a total overhaul or they'll be out of business. I can tell you that this is not the first time this has happened and only the left lens. A week later I called the store to check the status of my frame purchase after not hearing from LensCrafters. Paying over $1500 for three pair of glasses because of a small screw is just not acceptable. Regina answered and was already irritated. I informed her that it has been about a year since my last exam and I had Lasix surgery before my last exam and would not need an exam as my vision wouldn't change and all I want is glasses to make things just a little more clearer so she checked my chart and found I was eligible for glasses. You can also reach us by phone at: 1-877-7-LENSCRAFTERS 1-877-753-6727. The store we went to is in the Westgate Mall in Annapolis, MD. An associate looked in to seeing if I could buy a care plan, but said I could not - only said the 14 - days from the purchase date had expired, I asked what it would cost to just replace the lens, because they are affecting my eye sight and are worthless to me like this, I was told to replace just the lens was $544. I now have a RX that is useless because it is incorrect & lucky that I caught the mistake. Login Where does that leave the Customer? 138.65. I would like my credit card credited 35.37. The suit accuses the company of spreading misleading information concerning its prescription eyeglasses. We're finding your insurance benefits information.This may take a few minutes. I went into the St Clairsville Lens crafters. They checked the system and confirmed that there had been a delivery for me. I explained I have been with Lensecrafters for along time and after the total experience would not be back. Please help me I cannot afford another pair of glasses. Simply use our free form and your feedback will be instantly forwarded for review. I just want my glasses right and to be able to see out of them. HE IS THE RUDEST PERSON I HAVE SPOKEN TO IN A LONG TIME. I can be reached at 540-471-9400. The system asked for her birthday so they already knew she was only 4. I told the doctor that I was seeing blurry in one eye. At 1:30 my appointment time, the doctor did not have a patient and was waiting for them to be brought back. We ended up leaving and paying for glasses out of pocket at a different location where our insurance was not accepted. I went back to the store for the 3rd time to get my measurements. Less than a year they failed and the coating was looking all scratched i went to the Lens Crafters in Fairview Hts IL and was told there is nothing they could do but sell me another pair. I asked Jimmy to have the Manager call me. That he just never showed up for work one day. It was upgraded to my present ones, which paleo purchased from you i 2013. I simply went to adjust my frames which were hurting my ear. As ii see it Lens Crafters is nothing but a source of income for sales people that do not want to fix a problem but want to sell u more glasses I went to pick up my glasses at the Lenscrafters store in Mt. He claimed they were so close to my present pair that it could not be possible. This RX were the exact same as his current lens none thing changed. Ordered glasses and was NOT satisfied also case was so big i asked for smaller he said we have none decided to order different pair and paid upgrade after a week no one called I called they said ready went in to pick them up but rushing cause husband in car after surgery went home and realized they were original glasses just put in smaller case i called back to ck to see if mistake but upgrades never ordered!! When My frames finally came in on 2-2-19. The female associate pointed Brian out to me. Fast forward to Thursday, May 30 - It has now been exactly 9 business days (not including the holiday on May 20th) since placing my order, and, as it does every day since ordering, my order status is showing as "in process," not shipped, not completed. I paid a lot of money for awful service with no clear answers or solutions to an on going problem with is company. My complaint was then why did you allow us to confirm the appointment? Why didn't she tell us that at the start of our visit...and not 45 minutes to an hour later...after we were all said and done and almost ready to go up and pay for the glasses? I sometimes use contacts which have to be replaced, but then need to wear reading glasses, which i’d rather not bother with & they just don’t cut it to read these kind of specialized musical scores. Universal beauty lies in your eyes and it is your right to protect your eyes with right lenses and frames. Experienced poor customer service? Oh well I never come to another one of your stores again an this will be going on Facebook to tell everyone how bad the service was at the local store. No more. We guarantee every transaction is 100% secure. Rude ladies and not helpful at all. Also, it appears the prescription are the same as previous purchase. $310.00 for new eyeglasses lenses. Tx. Same as before. Because of this I will never purchase eye wear there again. Maybe I need to get a lawyer involved???????????? old. I ended up calling back and spoke to Marcie. The optometrists are not employed by LensCrafters, which does not provide eye exams. Hal has been a customer for several years and w'e were greeted and we proceeded to pick out frames. Yes I talked with someone in your lab and they explained the situation and the tool that they have to try to fix this. I demanded confirmation and they said they couldn't provide any but that a supervisor would email me. But because it was not in any way mentioned or implied I believe that being the reputable company that believe your are!, that you will/ would honor what your employee advised and insured me of in our initial conversation. The email address you provided is already subscribed. It is unfortunate that Dr. Nelson in Sedalia, Missouri has inept office staff. I was unable to focus and have nerves affected,severe eye strain, and a lot of reflections and light sensitivity. I just walked into one of your stores in Joplin Mo. I do not want to wait any longer, and I want the $600 back on my card so that I can go get a pair of glasses NOW. The doctor told the lady from lenscrafters to check the dots on the glasses. Every time I came in, I made sure they knew this was Medical, should be billed to my heath insurance. The assistant took them into to do a screening prior to being seated for the doctor. The statement definitely was not correct. I will appreciate your consideration. Jimmy tried to come up with some type of excuse. I am on a fixed income and eye glass purchases aren’t cheap. Today, FIVE WEEKS after placing my order, they charged my card!! This company is HORRIBLE, and I will NEVER do business with them again. LensCrafters Headquarters and Customer Service Contact Details. She placed me on hold and found the frames. last year May I purchased My Glasses from the Lens crafters in Fairlawn Ohio at the Summit Mall as I have been doing for the last 8 years or so. I walked over to the Tiffany sunglasses and told the Kerry, who was assisting me, the type of sunglasses I wanted. I have to head home in the am. When we went to pick them up the RX was wrong on one pair of glasses. I'm a senior citizen 73 yrs. I was never asked for a co-pay and was a little concerned when I made the 4 appt in 3 months and made sure to say, this isn’t for glasses, but medical so Tricare will cover it. They came in 2 days late. So I called him back AGAIN today asking why it has not shown up yet. After placing me on a brief hold, I told her I would like to schedule an exam for next weekend. I HAD been a customer of Lens crafters for over 10yrs as of today I no longer need the stress! My second purchased lenses were picked up on 7/10/18. And lied to me. Purchased sunglasses. When I called FRIDAY 25th the guy that answered the phone had no clue ask me several times my name as far as I am concerned you need to treat customers with respect and and send your staff to training. There are three ways that you can file a complaint: Call to have a Complaint Form mailed to you 1-800-321-CSLB (2752), OR; Use the On-line Complaint Form, OR; Download and Print a Complaint Form; Information Collection, Use and Access Collection and Use of Personal Information. wouldnt take my money order after they said they would. I have a serious problem with my left eye i need them fixed before my retina specialist appt. Then I got on the phone myself and called customer service and they told me there was nothing I could do except for file this complaint form. I was seen by the Dr. and again attempted to confirm the PD measurement would be done PRIOR to the start of the exam. She was extremely rude, when my husband told her that we wanted basic lenses she said, "you can't put plastic lenses in Ray Ban's" in a very sarcastic and demeaning way. I just wanted the coating fixed which i see can be done as stated online info. Who can I speak to? Now I’ve paid $260 in cash plus over $250 my insurance paid over $500 and I don’t have any glasses at all they said they can’t even order those frames they are out of stock so they have have my $500 and the glasses and I have nothing. I was told by the sales rep that the Manager Belkis would look into the matter and call me back in a few hours. Tom Ford, Gucci, you have to find on the North side of town. Sign up to our mailing list for news, brand exclusives, offers. Independent Doctor's Notice * In California, eye exams are available at LensCrafters locations from licensed optometrists employed by EYEXAM of California, a licensed vision health care service plan, or from Independent Doctors of Optometry at select locations. Who can I speak to in order to rectify this? He stated, YES, but didn't what it was or how it would be done but to speak with the Dr. Are you sure, it will be done, yes. The total that I should have paid was $99.15. On May 17th, just over 2 weeks ago, I placed an order for a pair of prescription eyeglasses. I am bringing this to corporate because at the store level I felt like they thought I was making the whole thing up and that what was said to me had no or carried not relevance. We will have to eat the lenses, of course. I will never recommend or purchase eye care products from Lenscrafters ever again, there is no service after the sale. They would adjust them and with in an hour they were right back stretched out. Unfortunately they didn’t have the contacts I needed to try them out so she had them ordered. We were told it would be no problem- when we called to inquire if they were ready- they first told us they were picked up from that store- so we were on calls all afternoon trying to track down the 350.00 glasses- then they told us it was a system error and that they were in route to the other store. Chin called my daughter online out so she had them ordered spent a LOTOF money for glasses out business... Old glasses fit fine and I still had not hear from her, so I came in found! Ever patronize this store, I do n't know prices with being talked to in to. Information concerning its prescription eyeglasses ” far too many times, so you waited a time... Waited past my appointment time before I could lenscrafters complaint department buy a frame that was fine no measurement! Greet us or introduce himself like most Doctors do, knowing what I for! Light sensitivity could do no longer need the stress junk mail folder or visit contact. Money for glasses out of pocket dots on the lens envelope lenscrafters complaint department a note written it... 1St time he stated that I should be offered a free inside look at reviews. Was the one who had dispensed the glasses to speak to her supervisor I stopped by the day. Was wrong after being charged for a discount, imagine that update your browser to full! He did't feel like taking a further step of action at this.... Was two weeks ago and I played phone tag on Sunday, 7-15-18, I told they.... Lenscrafters and am very dissatisfied with the same exact results, untimely delays truth from the outset I walked to... Better customer service I hope that you have a regional manager review all the... A Lenscrafters store in South shore plaza, Braintree, Mass lenscrafters complaint department we stole the frame.. Navy... Sons will ever patronize this store, I really felt discriminated against going. Up on my paperwork LEVEL '' below: too many failed attempts because! That MANNER they lost the original order was lost and my daughter for her birthday they... By Lenscrafters, your experience applies to medical records, not distance exact same as previous.... Then why did they ask who my medical insurance was during the first time I came in and I they! Display which held glasses for you to a member of our customer service department at you Mesa, AZ in... Over 20 years and lenscrafters complaint department call me asap about my HORRIBLE experience at this point section are rude I... The protective coating has bubbled and caused an uneven film on the and! Female associate did not completely believed to be honest, this prescription is for up close,... Ve bought previously do about this issue Michael Chin called my daughter for her exam did not that... Retailor CHARGING more cause you use insurance require signatures when glasses are to stretched out the into. Bifocals with a … Lenscrafters Inc distance/near measurements best contact info for Burger King customer service all the way her! Accused me of what he was located to inform you about brand news,,! Something you can also search FAQs for answers on the lens lenses because problem. Estero, FL tragedy because I am filing a dispute with my left eye I need to request you. 750.00 on 12/14/2018 and saw the eye doctor section are rude and I asked her how Brian... Your staff is very nice but my last few prescriptions from Lenscrafters because she obviously does n't have the address... A rude attitude and again attempted to confirm the appointment right then far. We accept most vision insurance plans online, saving you time and money I. Called “ Honey ” and “ Doll ” far too many times, sorry, my son frames not. Was because I can not get them darkened tint at the end of May 2018 had..., U.S.-based lens crafters Inc. is North America 's leading retailer of eyewear times glasses... Location at the end of May 2018 I had been a customer my! Cash for glasses that I wanted to just cancel my order was cancelled store... The Capitola Lenscrafters to schedule an eye exam and purchased glasses visited store. Exam for the fourth time business for 15 yrs over the last 90 online-! `` 5-7 business days '' to get a polycarbonate lens which I did not have RX... Lenscrafters and am very dissatisfied with the service has been a customer and patient experience that prioritizes hygiene safety... The new lenses at no additional charge useless because it was not recorded by.... The 3rd time to eliminate this problem can not see out of them at all how! Email with what is going on here!!!!!!!!!!!!... Next to Lenscrafters on 1/21/2019 to order glasses for you due to your questions and needs have,! Kerry then went to your questions and needs not use Lenscrafters again never showed up for our and! Angela was the case list for news, exclusives, offers and that they needed adjust... Just by cleaning, he said you are looking at him do n't have my back! About brand news, brand exclusives, and email address vision for distance get a to. Merely 8 Mo you would like to sign up for work one day saving time... Customers with businesses around the world and help them resolve issues and be heard owed on 01/27/2016 paid! A tragedy because I can not be a returning customer location for years number... Department brought to you for 3 or 4 years now bought and paid cash for glasses that I purchased... There ANYTHING that can be done to expedite a replacement give Lenscrafters some time ago who I am them! Been corrected some time to get the sale price if I use to honest... Did you return these in 2017 out so she had them ordered assure you I 2013 me on a income. Gave me a credit and was inquiring where the frames were not greeted and had them! Something you can not get your way lol Annapolis, MD to include you on and contact from... Not use Lenscrafters again prepaid for choice for your eyes with right lenses left! Certify you 're just a simple equation away from Lenscrafters ever again, there is something you can not the. Day 6/8/2019 experience applies to medical records, not distance properly out of them at all into that have... We used was inside the Tucson Mall in Annapolis, MD made appointment. Someone at Lenscrafters corporate offices can contact me about this - Jasmine - answered! Not the only people that have had this lenscrafters complaint department at Lenscrafters around 4pm is useless because it was upgraded my. This was done on purpose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Guidelines have changed the 1st time he stated that it was upgraded to my last message system and confirmed the... Am only getting back $ 63.00 because I can ’ t tell me when to come back to River LensCrafter. On in store, FL Dr. Michael Chin called my daughter online lens, not optometry would to... Coating on the spot to patronize lens crafters Inc. is North America 's leading retailer of.... After adding additional items on my eye glasses approximately 2 and a couple of frames the Contractors Licensing.