Microgrid Technology Gains Momentum; Utility Companies Explore Advantages

Microgrids are creeping their way into the mainstream, although the majority are deployed by non-utility vendors for third parties, including the United States military.

However, growing interest and regulative support for community microgrids and microgrids designed to bolster the overall distribution system are opening the door for microgrid energy companies to provide their services to utility providers on a larger scale.

The VERGE 18 Microgrid Summit in Oakland, California, made clear that utility companies are beginning to entertain the idea of implementing new microgrid strategies throughout the United States.

The East Coast recently blazed the trail in exploring microgrid deployment in response to major power outages that were caused by extreme weather, and it seems the West Coast is soon to follow. California’s recent wildfires increased pressure on utility companies to boost resiliency on the West Coast.

Having achieved government acceptance of its solar plus storage microgrid located at the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in Southern California, one top-performing microgrid solutions company worthy of researching is CleanSpark Inc. (“CLSK”).

CleanSpark Inc. provides microgrid solutions to military, commercial and residential properties through multiple patents protecting what is believed to be a breakthrough design for the future of waste-to-energy technology.

Following their successful design and engineering at Camp Pendleton, CleanSpark has secured $20 million in additional financing to support Energy Savings Agreements on similar projects.

Today we are highlighting: CleanSpark, Inc. (OTCQB: CLSK), Avangrid, Inc. (NYSE: AGR), Xcel Energy Inc. (NASDAQ: XEL), SunPower Corporation (NASDAQ: SPWR), Pattern Energy Group Inc. (NASDAQ: PEGI).

CleanSpark, Inc. (OTCQB: CLSK), (Market Cap: $89.948M, Share Price: $2.03), CleanSpark Inc. provides microgrid solutions to military, commercial and residential properties. The Company’s services consist of intelligent solar monitoring solutions, microgrid design and engineering, project development consulting services, System installation and consulting, and turn-key microgrid implementation services. The work is performed under fixed price bid contracts, negotiated price contracts, fully financed power purchase agreements, or energy services agreements such as Microgrid as a Service (MaaS). The company also continues to pursue the development of our gasification technologies for commercial deployment. The company has been granted multiple patents protecting what they believe to be a breakthrough design for the next generation in waste-to-energy technology. The increased efficiency compared to existing solutions results in a significantly lower cost per watt of electricity produced.

Avangrid, Inc. (NYSE: AGR), (Market Cap: $16.019B, Share Price: $51.84), Avangrid, Inc. operates as an energy services holding company in the United States. The company operates through two segments, Networks and Renewables. The company engages in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity, as well as distribution, transportation, and sale of natural gas. It also develops, constructs, and operates renewable energy generation facilities primarily using onshore wind power, as well as solar, biomass, and thermal power. The company delivers natural gas and electricity to residential, commercial, and institutional customers through its regulated utilities in New York, Maine, Connecticut, and Massachusetts; and sells its output to investor-owned utilities, public utilities, and other credit-worthy entities. In addition, it generates and provides power and other services to federal and state agencies, as well as institutional retail and joint action agencies; and delivers thermal output to wholesale customers in the Western United States.  

Xcel Energy Inc. (NASDAQ: XEL), (Market Cap: $31.673B, Share Price: $61.31), Xcel Energy Inc., through its subsidiaries, engages primarily in the generation, purchase, transmission, distribution, and sale of electricity in the United States. It operates through Regulated Electric Utility, Regulated Natural Gas Utility, and All Other segments. The company generates electricity through coal, nuclear, natural gas, hydroelectric, solar, biomass, oil, wood/refuse, and wind energy sources. It also purchases, transports, distributes, and sells natural gas. In addition, the company develops and leases natural gas pipelines, and storage and compression facilities; and invests in rental housing projects, as well as procures equipment for construction of renewable generation facilities. It serves residential, commercial, and industrial customers in portions of Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, and Wisconsin. 

SunPower Corporation (NASDAQ: SPWR), (Market Cap: $1.472B, Share Price: $10.34), SunPower Corporation researches, develops, manufactures, and delivers solar solutions worldwide. The company operates through three segments: Residential, Commercial, and Power Plant. The company provides solar power components, including panels and system components, primarily to dealers, system integrators, and distributors. The company also offers commercial rooftop and ground-mounted solar power systems, and residential mounting systems. In addition, the company provides post-installation operations and maintenance services. Further, it leases solar power systems to residential customers; and sells inverters manufactured by third parties. The company also serves investors, financial institutions, project developers, electric utilities, independent power producers, commercial and governmental entities, production home builders, residential owners, and small commercial building owners.

Pattern Energy Group Inc. (NASDAQ: PEGI), (Market Cap: $2.322B, Share Price: $23.57), Pattern Energy Group Inc. operates as an integrated renewable energy company. The company operates in two segments, Operating Business and Development Business. The Operating Business segment holds interest in 24 renewable energy projects with an operating capacity that totals approximately 4 gigawatts located in the United States, Canada, and Japan. The Development Business segment develops and sells renewable energy projects focusing on wind, solar, storage, and transmission primarily in the United States, Canada, Japan,and Mexico. Pattern Energy Group Inc. sells electricity and renewable energy credits primarily to local utilities and local liquid independent system organizations markets.

As the future of microgrid technology is gaining momentum, utility companies and other third-party providers are encouraged to contact forward-thinking companies, such as CleanSpark, during the investigation phase of their microgrid deployment campaigns.

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