Oil Increases After Iran Destroys U.S. Drone

Iran’s destruction of a United States surveillance drone has provided oil prices with their biggest hike this year, and President Donald Trump’s statement that Tehran has made “a very big mistake” leaves the industry in question as to how the White House will react.

Some companies saw rises as high as 5.8 percent by 11:00 AM ET.

Tehran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps declared Thursday that the drone was shot down as they believed it was spying on Iran. The United States has indicated that the Pentagon identified as a RQ-4A Global Hawk surveillance drone was traveling in international airspace when it was destroyed.

Will prices relapse in the event President Donald Trump takes action against this said-to-be hostile move?

One company that will undoubtedly remain unaffected is Camber Energy, Inc. (CEI). CEI is a company focused on crude oil and natural gas development in the United States. Their domestic development is concentrated in plays with low political risk, putting them in an enviable position when combined with excellent control, statistically predictable results, low cost of entry and long-lived reserves.

Additionally, their U.S. purchasers remain unaffected from transport threats in foreign waters.

Today we’re highlighting: Camber Energy, Inc. (NYSE American: CEI), Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX), Marathon Petroleum Corporation (NYSE: MPC), PTT Public Company Limited (OTCPINK: PCHUY), Indian Oil Corporation Limited (NES: IOC.NS).

Camber Energy, Inc. (NYSE American: CEI), (Market Cap: $3.124M; Share Price: $0.16), Camber Energy is a growth-oriented, independent oil and gas company engaged in the development of crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids in the Texas Panhandle as well as other basins. CEI acquired over 13,000 net acres in the liquid-rich Hunton formation in Central Oklahoma, and 553 net acres in the Permian Basin of Texas pursuant to the Company’s transaction with Segundo Resources, et al., which closed in August of 2016. In January 2017, they established an initial leasehold position by acquiring 3,630 net acres in pursuit of the San Andres play on the Central Basin Platform region of the Permian Basin. This expands the Company’s exposure and its asset base in the Permian.

Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX), (Market Cap: $236.914B; Share Price: $124.37), Chevron Corporation, through its subsidiaries, engages in integrated energy, chemicals, and petroleum operations worldwide. The company operates in two segments, Upstream and Downstream. The Upstream segment is involved in the exploration, development, and production of crude oil and natural gas; processing, liquefaction, transportation, and regasification associated with liquefied natural gas; transportation of crude oil through pipelines; and transportation, storage, and marketing of natural gas, as well as operates a gas-to-liquids plant. The Downstream segment engages in refining crude oil into petroleum products; marketing crude oil and refined products; transporting crude oil and refined products through pipeline, marine vessel, motor equipment, and rail car; and manufacturing and marketing commodity petrochemicals, and fuel and lubricant additives, as well as plastics for industrial uses. It is also involved in the cash management and debt financing activities; insurance operations; real estate activities; and technology businesses.

Marathon Petroleum Corporation (NYSE: MPC), (Market Cap: $33.999B; Share Price: $51.31), Marathon Petroleum Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, engages in refining, marketing, retailing, and transporting petroleum products primarily in the United States. It operates through three segments: Refining & Marketing, Retail, and Midstream. The Refining & Marketing segment refines crude oil and other feed stocks at its 16 refineries in the West Coast, Gulf Coast, and Mid-Continent regions of the United States; and purchases refined products and ethanol for resale.

PTT Public Company Limited (OTCPINK: PCHUY), (Market Cap: $42.737B; Share Price: $9.74), PTT Public Company Limited engages in upstream and downstream petroleum, coal, electricity, and infrastructure businesses in Thailand and internationally. The company is involved in natural gas supply, procurement, wholesale and retail gas sale, and gas-related value-added businesses; and the distribution of onshore and offshore gas through transmission pipeline to power generators, gas separation plants, NGV stations, and industrial plants. It also procures, imports, and exports crude oil; condensate; liquefied petroleum gas (LPG); petroleum and petrochemical products; solvents and chemicals; and palm products, such as crude palm oil, refined palm oil, and palm kernel shells. In addition, the company engages in the provision of engineering, real estate, digital, and technology services; exploration and production of petroleum; petrochemical and refining, and coal mining activities; and distribution of liquid fuels, lubricating oils, and non-oil products to consumers through service stations, as well as to aviation group, ocean liners, and industries. Further, it produces electricity, steam, and demineralized water for industrial users; and provides marine terminal and tank, resource management, engineering technical consultancy, and ICT services, as well as office spaces. 

Indian Oil Corporation Limited (NES: IOC.NS), (Market Cap: $1.436T; Share Price: $156.75), Indian Oil Corporation Limited, together with its subsidiaries, engages in refining, pipeline transportation, and marketing of petroleum products in India. The company is also involved in the exploration and production of crude oil and gas; and marketing of natural gas and petrochemicals. The company’s products include petrol/gasoline, diesel/gas oil, lubricants and greases, auto gas, cooking gas, kerosene, LPG, bulk/industrial fuels, aviation fuel, marine oils, and bitumen. In addition, it offers special products, such as carbon black feedstock, raw petroleum coke, Sulphur, paraffin wax, raw petroleum coke, jute batching oil, micro crystalline wax, mineral turpentine oil, toluene, propylene, and petcoke. The company operates through a network of approximately 9 refineries; 13,391 kilometers of crude oil, product, and gas pipelines; approximately 27,089 fuel stations, including 7529 Kisan Seva Kendra outlets in the rural markets; 125 terminals and depots; 91 LPG bottling plants; 107 aviation fuel stations; 6,650 consumer pumps for large-volume consumers; and approximately 10213 LPG distributors. Indian Oil Corporation Limited’s exploration and production portfolio comprises 10 oil and gas blocks in India; and 8 blocks in the United States, Canada, Venezuela, Libya, Gabon, Nigeria, and Russia. Further, it engages in the explosives and cryogenic, windmill and solar power generation, lube blending, and lubricants and base oil marketing activities.

We eagerly await the White House’s response in the coming days, and are hopeful that a possible retaliation does not affect the favorable increase experienced today.


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