Cannabis Companies Set to Explode, at any Moment

On June 25, the FDA approved London-based GW Pharma’s Epidiolex, a drug containing CBD as its active ingredient, to treat two rare and severe forms of epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome, in patients 2 years old and older.  This…

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Technology Company Primed to Skyrocket

With large tech companies like FB (facebook), TWTR ( twitter), and AMZN (amazon) experiencing massive pullbacks, the attention on smaller tech firms is starting to accelerate.   Everyone should start researching this undiscovered firm out of San Francisco immediately, APTY…

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Cannabis and Biotech Firms Set to Explode

Biotech and Cannabis companies are starting to heat up once again.  And we believe we have found a couple of biotech and cannabis companies that could benefit from the action! Everyone should start research this undiscovered company right away, BRTX…

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Penny Stocks That are Trending Extremely Bullish! is an informational website that is highly interested in exploring development stage companies, enroute to finding companies with the best potential.   Thus far it has been a strong summer for several penny stock companies.  These companies are trading…

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Cannabis Mergers, Acquisitions, and IPOs

The Cannabis industry remains volatile, and inconsistent regulations can make expansion difficult. Nonetheless, in 2018 the cannabis industry in states like California are still finding their footing on many fronts with both a regulatory framework and banking solution being very…

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