Microcap Speculators

Here at microcap speculators we are in search of the very best speculative stocks.  The reason why we are so interested in locating the top small cap stocks is because cheap illiquid stocks on Monday could be highly valued liquid stocks the next.  Remember to never invest more into a speculative stock than you can afford to lose, and this is the key because should you be willing to gamble with your principal, it could pay off in a big way for you.


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11 Jun 19

Investing in the Growing Microgrid Market

The increased demand of automated grid systems, reduction in carbon footprint, advancement in microgrid connectivity by integration of IOT, and benefits of low cost and clean energy storage is the…

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10 Jun 19

Cannabis Stocks to Watch this Week

With some of the Cannabis market leaders experiencing negative news surrounding regulation it may be a good time to look at ancillary opportunities that are not as closely affected by…

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